Boutique Optical

Stylish selections for your prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

Our boutique optical offers a wide spectrum of brands for any price range. As the only boutique optical in Georgetown, Texas, we carry manufacturers you won’t find at chain opticals. These are hand-made, European and American manufacturers with modern, stylish designs that you’ll look good in.

Our goal is for you to love your eyewear. Most of our eyewear includes a two-year warranty on frames. If you are not completely satisfied, please let us know within the first thirty days and we will make it right. As part of your purchase, and at no additional cost, you can have your frames adjusted for free for the first year. We’ll also replace your lenses if they get scratched within the first six months of your purchase, at no additional cost.

We will make any adjustments needed to get you the right look and fit. See our payment options for flexible, pay-as-you-go plans like Sunbit and CareCredit.

Unique, Hand-Crafted, High Quality Frames in Georgetown, TX

Our selection, typical of boutique opticals in Seattle, San Francisco and New York is right here, in Georgetown, Texas. Our styles are sure to please our patient’s tastes and personality. 

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf Eyewear started small, but with a big vision – of combining local and traditional eyewear craftsmanship with contemporary, innovative design. Hand crafted in Hartberg, Austria.


Ovvo Optics

Upholding the highest standard of excellence, OVVO Optics has been creating high-performance, technologically-advanced eyewear since 1980. Made by hand at their family-owned facility in Poland.


Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is an eyewear brand with a colourful history. When the first collection was launched in 2001, it revolutionized the way frames were designed by injecting them with an array of colours. Since then, the brand and collection have grown to become synonymous with creativity and high-quality, all while remaining an independent company.


Europa Eyewear

Europa is the eyewear company committed to staying independent. Operated by the second generation of their founding family, they’re proud to craft products and policies focused on supporting likeminded, independent eye care professionals.

Ørgreen Optics

Ørgreen Optics is a global eyewear brand born and based in Copenhagen. From handmade frames to their full-service flagship shop, they approach the art of eyewear holistically, focusing on customer care and superior quality.

Michael Ryen

Some decisions are complicated, choosing eyewear doesn’t have to be. Michael Ryen eyewear is designed to provide discerning men a breadth of options in a wide range of sizes. Three principles drive the design and execution of every Michael Ryen frame: Fit, Quality, & Style.


An average of 75 steps goes into handcrafting every STATE Optical Co. frame in Chicago. No short-cuts, no outsourcing, just 65 men and women in Chicago determined to redefine what makes American luxury eyewear. Each frame is meticulously handcrafted from premium, globally sourced materials to be a genuine expression of one’s personal style and distinct personality.

American Optical

AO Eyewear prides itself on quality and timeless American style, since 1833. AO sunglasses have been proudly worn by JFK, the Apollo 11 crew, and countless film stars. Every AO frame is handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in our Illinois factory with the finest globally sourced components.


INVU invites you to see the world ultra-polarized. Brought to you by industry veterans, the Swiss Eyewear Group, INVU polarized sun lenses boast a 99.9% polarizing effect for absolute glare-free vision. Whether you sell sunglasses for fashion, sport, or both, there’s an INVU for you. Take the INVU challenge and see what you’ve been missing!


With Elements, style and value are not mutually exclusive. Value glasses don’t mean last year’s styles; Elements prides itself in routinely releasing relevant styles. Offering men’s, women’s, and children’s styles, there’s something to appeal to everyone. Elements understands that glasses need to both correct our vision and enhance our look and takes both of those duties seriously.

Scott Harris

Scott Harris isn’t about prescribing uniform eyewear; it’s about providing you with the options to best suit your unique self. Across men’s, women’s, and unisex options – Scott Harris offers fresh, timely, colorful stylings free of heavy embellishments. “Eyewear should fit both your face and your personality naturally, and it should be unique enough to fit them both perfectly.” – Scott Harris Shapiro


Eyewear, even more so than jewelry, becomes a part of how the world sees you. Cinzia takes that choice very seriously. Born unapologetically from the unique point of view of designer Cynthia Shapiro, Cinzia eyewear favors sophistication over femininity and personal style over chasing fads. Each frame is designed to emanate confidence, perfect for the woman unafraid to make her mark.


DB4K’s mission is to make glasses kids want to wear. With db4k styles, kids can have fun with eyewear and express their personalities. It’s not about characters or branding, it’s about showing off the awesome people they already are. It’s time to give kids the cool glasses they deserve – DB4K hereby proclaims, wearing glasses should be fun!

Kids Bright Eyes

Kids Bright Eyes, founded on quality eyewear at affordable prices. As parents with a daughter born with a rare eye disease, the founders of Kids Bright Eyes experienced first-hand the high cost of specialists, surgeries and frequent office visits. They knew that budget-friendly glasses backed by a warranty was a must. So they created Kids Bright Eyes.


An exclusive line of eyewear, twelve84 offers all freedom, style and authenticity at unbelievably affordable and simple pricing. Whether you need an extra back-up pair of glasses or have no vision insurance, the single vision frame and lens packages start at $149.