Our Story

The vision behind Lumino Vision.

As an optometrist for over 20 years, Dr. Jennifer Wood has worked with many patients with varying degrees of sight. From the returning soldier with traumatic eye or brain injuries, to the 2nd grader having a hard time reading the board, Dr. Wood has helped thousands of people live better lives with the vision they have.

She noticed a problem though; the insurance industry was hindering her ability to provide the best quality care for her patients. To maximize profits, optometry practices were booking ever shorter consults with the doctor. Throughput was more important than quality of care. It wasn’t long then that she started to envision a better way to serve her patients. She wanted to run a practice where her patients got what they needed from their consultation. She wanted to build a practice where empathy, dignity and quality were values that were lived and not just lofty aspirations. For this, Lumino Vision was born.

At Lumino, we provide truly comprehensive exams, treatment, and eye care without compromises. Our exams include diagnostics and tests that are typically provided for additional cost at chain and traditional practices. We include them in the same package, for the same price, no approvals needed.

Our Logo

Our logo is based on the lodestar and the night sky. A lodestar can be defined as a star that is used to guide the course of a ship, or a person or thing that serves as an inspiration or guide. We placed a lodestar on the top right-hand side of our logo. The modern representation of the “L” and the “V” beneath the lodestar represent Lumino Vision. The diagonal line through the “V” represents the white cane sometimes used by individuals with vision impairments. The Braille letters are “stars” that spell out the word “Guide.”