Eye Exam Cost Comparison

We offer the best prices, with or without vision insurance.

When it comes to pricing, we believe you should know upfront what you’ll pay for your eye exam. Like you, we hate extra fees and surprises. Everything necessary to provide you with the highest quality eye exam is included in one price. We won’t nickel and dime you like you might be used to at a traditional optometry practice.

Cost Comparison Chart

Take a look at our eye exam cost comparison below to find out why you don’t need vision insurance to come see us. If you do have vision insurance, we’ll do all the work to maximize your out-of-network benefits.

Eye Exam Cost Comparison

More Direct time with the Doctor

At your traditional, in-network eye care providers, you can expect to spend only a small fraction of time directly with the doctor. You’ll see technicians for the majority of your visit. You’ll be be lucky to get a few questions in with the doctor before you’re ushered out to make room for the next patient. 

At Lumino Vision, you’ll have up to 60 minutes directly with the doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. If you’re a low vision patient, you’ll have up to 90 minutes, directly with the doctor. 

Breaking Down The Comparison


We don’t. We just don’t. Co-pays are an instrument of the vision insurance industry. Some co-pays are higher than others. We used $20 as an example, but they can be upwards of $40.


Dilation is part of a thorough eye exam. It gives your doctor a good look inside your eye. You have the option to skip it. We offer it as part of your exam.

Retinal Photo

As part of our comprehensive exam, we include a retinal photo. Retinal photos help us compare your eyes year to year. You’ll sometimes see it added as a “fundus” fee at traditional practices.

OCT Scan

An OCT Scan is a noninvasive imaging method that uses reflected light to create pictures of the back of your eye. It can be used to diagnose and manage diseases like diabetes-related retinopathy and glaucoma, and help diagnose many other conditions. This can be an additional $99 fee at a traditional practice. We include it as part of your exam.

Follow-up Visit

Follow-up visits for one year are included in your exam. If we need to check your prescription within a year, especially for growing kids, they are included. Traditional in-network practices can sometimes charge the cost of a new exam for this. 


If you have vision insurance, we’ll do all of the work for you to get you the most out-of-network insurance benefits possible. You’ll receive a check in the mail from your vision insurance company. Most patients will receive up to $50 back.



We offer packages, multi-pair discounts and an in-house savings program to meet all of your needs. Additionally, we have multiple ways you can pay today or pay over time.