Our Community

We’re blessed to live in Georgetown, Texas.

Few towns can emote the type of feelings you get walking or driving through Georgetown, Texas’ square on a Friday night. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside, you’ll see families, couples, and all manner of wonderful people enjoying our community. The ambiance and tranquility is one that only a small town can provide.

To be fair, we’re not as small-towny as we used to be, but through the growth, Georgetown and us, the caretakers, have persevered in keeping life simple. 

Don’t let it fool you though. Our sleepy suburb has all the technology and chops of a big metropolis, without the noise, confusion, and impersonal atmosphere. This is why we love Georgetown! We wouldn’t have started Lumino Vision anywhere else. 

Loving Our Community

These are some of our favorite small shops, vendors, and service providers in Georgetown.  We highly recommend them and hope you get to share in why we love what they do.

Courthouse at the Square in Georgetown, Texas

Bear’s Compounding Pharmacy

Owned by Lorin Martin, Bear’s is a unique family-owned pharmacy that strives to provide the highest quality personal service to it’s customers.

Lark & Owl Booksellers

A woman-owned and independtly run bookstore with the latest titles, events, and gifts for anyone in your family. Jane, Misty, and Rachael, along with their well-read and adorable staff, will delight you with their eclectic store. 

Ochna Health

A direct primary care practice where you, the member and patient, are the focus. Dr. Chau Nguyen and his staff provide high-quality, comprehensive, and personalized primary care at affordable prices


A unique collection of antique, vintage and vintage-inspired home decor. Take a trip to historic Georgetown, Texas and find out what makes
Gatherings such a special place to explore, get inspired and visit with old friends.